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FAQ About Clinical Providers At Gladstone

What’s a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are physicians who have followed their bachelor’s degree with a four-year medical or osteopathic medical school education. This encompasses learning about the entire body and many diseases. Next, they spend four years of residency training in the medical specialty known as psychiatry, which has been defined as a study of the causation, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental and behavioral disorders. Following residency, some psychiatrists pursue additional education in child and adolescent psychiatry, eating disorders, substance abuse, psychedelic medicine, and other subspecialties. All psychiatrists can elect to take written and oral examinations to become board certified, and they must take continuing medical education courses and board testing to retain this status.

Gladstone’s psychiatrists hold many certifications, although being great doctors means much more than credentials. We believe that getting to know a patient well makes all the difference; and this can’t be done at just one appointment. Gladstone psychiatry appointments start with a 60-minute intake meeting for an adult patient, and 90 minutes for patients under the age of eighteen. As treatment continues, 30- to 60-minute appointments are typical. Longer appointments give us plenty of time to talk with you and know your interests and concerns. Appointments with children and adolescents often include a portion of time that parents have with their child’s psychiatrist.

Outside of appointment time, Gladstone psychiatrists often connect with other medical and behavioral health providers, and teachers and family members, if patients wish. We’ve found the more we listen to each other, the better the treatment results.

As our Chief Medical Officer, Surbhi Khanna, M.D., explains: “We are passionate about providing the highest quality psychiatric are to the community. We believe in a holistic view of medicine and provide personalized care to each patient, while making it affordable and easy to access. We pride ourselves in providing inclusive care in a safe environment for all.”