About Gladstone

A Holistic Approach To Mental Wellness

We’re a psychiatry and counseling center providing affordable, in-network mental health care to individuals across the Baltimore and Washington, DC regions. 

Our team of experienced providers devote significant time to each individual to build rapport and trust. The result is a stronger patient-provider relationship in which our providers come to understand an individual’s unique challenges and opportunities. 

At Gladstone Psychiatry and Wellness, we go beyond medication management, so individuals build resilience and improve their quality of life through evidence-based treatments and behavioral techniques.


The Gladstone Difference

Longer appointments than most care providers

More time spent on positive patient outcomes

Strong patient-provider relationships

Dedication to patients and their outcomes over profits

“When people are in the midst of mental illness or addictions, things can seem helpless or overwhelming. What I love about being a psychiatrist is that I can help people get their lives back. This impacts not only my patients, but also their families and anyone who cares about them.”

—Anthony Massey, M.D., founder of Gladstone Psychiatry and Wellness

Our Mission

To provide services that empower individuals, families, and communities through individualized mental health treatment, a diverse provider network, and affordable care.

Our Vision

To meet the needs of our patients, no matter their situation or suffering, with high-quality mental health services, a diverse offering of providers and affordable cost.

Our Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

We are committed to providing transparent and trustworthy care, building relationships founded on openness and ethical principles.

Service & Compassion

Our dedication to service and compassion drives us to deliver patient-centered care that goes beyond medical treatment. We strive to create a nurturing environment where each individual feels valued and understood.

Teamwork & Commitment

Our collective dedication ensures that each patient benefits from the expertise of our multidisciplinary team, working cohesively towards optimal mental health and wellness.

Diversity & Inclusion

We respect the unique backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of our patients and team members, fostering an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome.

Innovation & Adaptability

We continuously explore new avenues in mental health and wellness. By staying open to change and pushing boundaries, we ensure that our patients receive evidence based treatments tailored to their evolving needs.


Our Providers

Our team of psychiatrists and counselors possess a wealth of knowledge and a passion for mental wellness. They take the time to get to know a patient’s interests and concerns in order to develop a holistic path to emotional fitness. We empower providers to do their best work by advocating for a strong work/life balance and providing the tools they need to cope with their own challenges.

“I always feel that all the clinicians on board are really excellent. And that Gladstone really does care about patients’ experiences and care, and their clinicians as well.” – a Gladstone provider


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Start Your Mental Health Journey

Through longer appointment times and a strong emphasis on patient-provider relationships, we drive positive mental health outcomes. To start your mental health journey with Gladstone Psychiatry and wellness: