Black Lives Matter

We mourn the senseless death of George Floyd. Moreover, the lives of all African American men, women and children are of value and thus matter. We at Gladstone stand in solidarity with all the many people of color across the country impacted by more than 400 years of racism.

We need more than reassurances and military policing from our leaders. We need sweeping, fundamental and structural changes to move away from deeply ingrained racism that gives permission to small and large injustices, both physical and emotional.

Black lives matter.

Gladstone Psychiatry is proud to have a mission to heal, and we approach treatment through unhurried, active listening with an aim to understand and empower those for whom we care. Our team reflects the wonderful ethnic and cultural diversity around us. And many in our community have experienced first-hand a suffocating, institutionalized racism.

In these troubling times, we must ensure that Black-led non-profit organizations engaged in healing and nurturing our communities continue to survive and thrive. We’ve chosen to provide financial support for the following:

In peace,

Anthony Massey, M.D., F.A.P.A.
Founder and CEO, Gladstone Psychiatry and Wellness