Coleen Schrepfer, MD – Senior Medical Director of All Offices & Clinicians

Coleen Schrepfer, MD, Senior Medical Director, has been a member of the Gladstone Psychiatry Team for 5+ years. She is a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist treating children, adolescents and young adults for every psychiatric need.

Dr Coleen has over 16 years of clinical experience evaluating the pediatric population. Prior to becoming a physician, she worked as a physical therapist treating infants and children in varying critical care and rehabilitation settings. After completing her medical degree at Drexel College of Medicine, she attended Mt. Sinai, NYC and the University of Maryland for her residency and fellowship training.

Dr. Coleen has resided in Baltimore since 2014, previously living in Colorado, Indiana and New Jersey. She prescribes medications with an evidence based approach incorporating attention to the benefits of therapy, good nutrition, healthy relationships, the identification and achievement of goals, restorative sleep, and regular exercise. Dr. Coleen values the long-standing therapeutic relationships with her patients and their families.