Vonetta Davis-Royster, CRNP-PMH – Substance Use Disorders Lead & New Clinician Orientation Lead 

Vonetta is a Baltimore-native, graduated with a BS in Nursing from Coppin State University and an MS in Advanced Practice Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Adult-focused from the University of Maryland at Baltimore. Her early career was spent working at Sheppard Pratt Health System in Towson, MD, as lead/charge nurse before advancing to the nurse management role of the co-occurring (addictions) disorders unit. Since completing education as a psychiatric NP in 2013, Vonetta has worked in outpatient settings, including at the esteemed Kolmac Outpatient Recovery Center in Towson, MD.

Vonetta comes from a Caribbean-native family full of nursing professionals, and, as such, felt from a young age that she was called to be a nurse and, subsequently, nurse practitioner. A quote from an influential leader in her life, "If it's not about relationship, it's not about anything," is the driving motivation behind her desire to form and cultivate strong therapeutic relationships with her patients as well as interpersonal professional relationships with colleagues.